kayo (kayoluv8) wrote,

It's summer time~!!!

Well, it's already very smmerly in Hawaii, so I went to Sunset Beach in North Shore last weekend.
I took some pictures of very nice colored ocean...
Then, I thought about pictures of Eito having lots of fun in Okinawa... you know, since I'm a very devoted eighter :D
Anyway, I made these wallpapers using my own photo which I took at Sunset Beach.
I wish Eito members will come to Hawaii to see this beautiful ocean (of course, holding a concert here too! :P )

Please leave a comment when you are taking one!
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Anyway, here they are...
47 photobook scans are credit to boku_nari_no 

wallpaper 47 summer 1024x768 jpeg

wallpaper 47 summer 1280x1028 jpeg

wallpaper 47 summer 1440x900 jpeg
I always make my size with some empty space for icons...I don't know, just I like it that way... 

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