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Happy New Year~!

I know I am very late... but I made this wallpapers thinking about new year.
Don't they look sooooooooo sexy in Kimono?
Well, I hope you'll enjoy these.
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Scans are from yppahoilcThank you for great scans!

Here are the links

Because I enjoyed the show so much...

I couldn't help making wallpapers of Ryusei no Kizuna... :D
I think this role is really great for Ryo chan!
He was so cute~~~!
I love Kudokan's drama anyway so I cannot wait to see next week!!

Well, actually, I was just practicing some new skills I learned with Erika chan's pic...
Since I just watched RnK, naturally I was inspired by it and put stars on background....
Then, I thought "well...why don't I make wallpapers with it?' hahaha

Anyway, please enjoy~~~!
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For Nino's scan, thank you lady_mercury!!

Ryusei no Kizuna Koichi 1024x768 JPEG

Ryusei no Kizuna Taisuke 1024x768 JPEG

Ryusei no Kizuna wallpaper Shi 1024x768 JPEG

a thin line between love and hate

Yesterday, I had a "DVD party" @ my house with another Hawaii eighter friend!
It was soooooooo fun~!!!
We watched NEWS "Pacific" DVD...(well, we are eighters but we love JE boys anyway)
I love Ryo chan so I love NEWS too~ :D

Well, so because of that, I made a wallpaper of NEWS for the first time.

These days, I really feel "a thin line between love and hate" wathing Ryo chan...
He is too cute and too sexy and too kakkoii...

Anyway, enjoy~~~ :D
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Thank you
 for scans!

NEWS wallpaper Love Hate 1280x1024 JPEG

NEWS wallpaper Love Hate 1024x768 JPEG

NEWS wallpaper Love Hate 1440x900 JPEG

3 baka~~~ :D

Well, I made Ryo chan so why not to make everybody else...

I made 3 baka first.

I didn't make 1440x900 though...

All scans are from usagil00lchan~~~ Thank you very much always~! :D

Like always, comments are loved~ :P

Subaru 1280x1024

wallpaper subaru everything 1280x1024 JPEG


wallpaper subaru everything 1024x768 JPEG

Shingo 1280x1024

wallpaper shingo youre my everything 1280x1024  JPEG


wallpaper shingo youre my everything 1024x768  JPEG

Kimitaka 1280x1024

wallpaper kimi everything 1280x1024 JPEG


wallpaper kimi everything 1024x768 JPEG

They all look so handsome~~!!

I'm back~~!

I came back from Japan about a week or so ago~!
I love Japan soooooooooooooooooo much!
On top of that, I went to Eight concert @ Tokyo Dome!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to both days!

It was amazing....I still feel like it was just a dream...
Well, anyway, I enjoyed both days so much~!

I made Uchiwa with my very very sweet friend and I brought this!
It's said "Hawaii ni kite! (Please come to Hawaii!)"

I believe Maru and Hina saw this...(well, you know it's OK to believe :D)

Anyway, I made some wallies again...
Thank you very much for scans ~ @usagil00lchan
They look so sexy in Yukata~~ :D
Like always, please please leave a comment when you take one~~!! :D

wallpaper 2008 summer yukata 1024x768 JPEG

wallpaper 2008 summer yukata 1280x1024 JPEG

wallpaper 2008 summer yukata 1440x900 JPEG